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One in every 33 live births presents with a birth defect. Unfortunately, the mechanistic origins of the majority these developmental abnormalities remain largely unknown. Interestingly, many of the environmental and chemical insults that promote dysmorhpogenesis are known induces of oxidative stress, commonly defined as the imbalance of compartmentalized oxidizing and reducing equivalents where the former predominates. Oxidative stress at high levels promotes damage to proteins, DNA and lipids resulting in cell death. Yet at lower levels, oxidative stress can disrupt redox-sensitive cellular signaling, including those that are specific to support normal developmental events, such as proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Our laboratory focuses on better understanding the mechanisms of oxidative stress-induced birth defects through various in vivo (animal models) and in vitro (whole embryo culture and stem cell) models. Moreover, we are developing interventions that will serve to protect the developing embryo from oxidative insults and thus, decrease the incidence of birth defects.


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